Dear artist

This home-page is also for you.

You are an artist, think you are, or dream of becoming one.

It doesn't matter,this home-page is also for you. If you are a painter, sculpter, designer or something else, the art world is huge and varied.

When you want to see your work on the net or when you have an internet page and want to swap links, one page of this site is dedicated to your stories, exhibitions, works, and so on in short anything you want.

You only need to write me an E-mail, with your desired text, when possible in German, French, and English (you save me to translation) with your pictures, that you want to see in my home-page.

The pictures must be copyright free, good quality and in either TIFF or JPEG format.

The small pictures (180 x 180 Pixel) should not be lager than 12 KB and the large (800 x 800 Pixel) 300 KB.

When you have e home-page and want to swap links give me the address, and I hope you will want to pub a link to this home-page :

It is also logial that I withold the right to show what you send me or not, but as they say, the more the better.

So stop thinking about it and send me your information.