Welcome to this page.
I hope you will enjoy it.
I am creating this website just like a picture book.
These illustrations show the viewer
the different kinds of art throughout Europe.
I would like to share with you my favourite works of art.
Look at this site as a child would ponder
over a comic book.
If you like to criticise it, it would be my pleasure to read your opinion in my guestbook.
I didn't introduce myself, because I wanted you to get
to know me through this page.
Enjoy your trip through this website.

In every "room" of this exhibition, you can click on the pictures to enjoy a larger format of the artwork.

If you encounter problems navigating my site, please e-mail me and i will try my best to solve any problem you have.


I would enjoy very much hearing your observations about my home-page.
Please fill in the form for my guestbook and don't forget your opinions are important to help me improve my site.

Don't forget to press"send it", that way i get it.

GET IT!!!!!! :-)

Thank you very much and enjoy the exhibition.