Eric Richert was born 1963 in Benfeld, France.


Therefore , it is a great honour for him to publicly present his graphic works in his birthplace.

His childhood dream was to be an artist on Montmartre.

After many moves with his family, his father was an orchestra director, he landed in the french Alps.

Between skiing, mountain climbing and hiking his love for drawing grew.

Because of the move things didn't work out as he wished. He could not attend the Paris Academy for Graphic Arts. And so decided on another art, "Culinary art."

Even as a child he loved to decorate his mother's cakes. It was a natural progression that he chose to become a chef. The changes in his life are not over. Like a butterfly undergoing metamorphosis, he returns to his first love. All things beautiful are fascinating to him. Drawing is his life. His inspirations come from the mountains, his mascot "the butterfly", flying everywhere. Perhaps Eric is also a noble butterfly, that might be the explanation.

Eric is a born artist. It flows in his blood. This is a rich inheritance that he recieved from his family. He flows easily between music, painting, cooking and his other hobbies.

His favorite Artist, Michael English, Salvodor Dali and Miro lend often inspiration.


" This text was written for his first exhibition which took place in Benfeld, France 1990."


Since then I have discovered the digital universe and computerized graphics.

My step-father, Pierre is a wood carver in Queyras valley (France). He has taught me the basics of wood carving a specialty of this area.

My mother, Monique, creates oil paintings. My sister, Véronique, makes lace articles and my brother, Pascal, has also found his path into the culinary arts as a chef .


My father still plays the piano and directs the orchestra once in a while. He also has discovered the computer arts. He builds internet home pages like his own and he was a great help with mine.


That is in a few words who I am